If you think about it, marriage has all the ingredients to make it fail; two people with different upbringing, different backgrounds, perhaps from two different communities, different languages… come together to live as one. There are differing food preferences, sleep and waking up habits, movie-watching habits, sports-channel surfing habits, different colour and clothing preferences … you name it and it is there; these chasms of differences waiting to spring upon you as an excuse to get out of the marriage. The challenge, they say, is to find that one reason to stay in it. And despite the burgeoning petitions for divorce piling up in our family courts, the popularity of marriage and the promise and wonder of love and contentment that it holds, has not weakened.

It is a relationship that has lasted for thousands of years and the fact that it still survives despite its many misgivings, shows that the basic need of any human being is to love and be loved. Marriage as an institution that promises this inviolable right of a person, therefore needs to be celebrated.

That is why, we at Bharatmatrimony, in 2008 declared April 14 to be World Matrimony Day. In its fourth edition this year, let us start by wishing you all a Happy Matrimony Day.

If you are married, it is today that you look back with fond memories on the day you got married and the many voyages you have navigated with your spouse. These journeys would have passed through calm waters, through rough seas, crooked edges and dangerous curves. But you both held on to each other. That is the essence of marriage. Matrimony Day is that day to celebrate and cherish your love and partnership together. If you are unmarried, it is the day you look at your parents or sisters/brothers/friends who have been happy in wedded in bliss and cherish their togetherness.

The trick to a happy marriage, it is said, is to fall in love with the same person again and again. A better trick is to be able to tell that person that you love him or her. Love is a four letter word that doesn’t have a use-by date. It always quickens the heart and rushes the blood to hear your spouse say that he/she loves you. If you can’t say it, you can demonstrate. Like cooking his/her favourite food and serving it with scented candles lit, never mind that the dining table is worn out and the table cloth is old. Or that the children are looking. It is the deed that does the talking.

Or else, you can gift. Gifting is not a short cut to affection. It shows your attention to the details of your relationship. It is important to know your spouse’s preferences to be able to pick up the right gift. Does he/she like flowers or cakes or is she weak for chocolates? Is she/he looking for a great looking watch? Will not a slim ring round her fingers make her look splendid? At Matrimony Gifts, we have just what you are looking for. Order cakes for a surprise party. Buy exquisite jewellery like cufflinks and pearl rings for your man or rings and pendants for your woman. Or say it with flowers.

For couples like your parents you may want to gift, there are gold plated showpieces that not just show your gratitude and wonder at their marriage, but also points to your acknowledgement that you owe your own happiness to their love and patience together. Go on, gift your love this Matrimony Day. You cannot go wrong.