Why Men don’t Really Gift!
The other day an old friend of ours visited us and meeting our daughter for the first time in a decade, handed her a slab of chocolate, apologizing that `one should not expect a more creative gift from men’’.
What is it about men and their inability to think creatively while gifting? It is always a last minute dash to the store with that expression, `oh my god!’ and picking up something that is close at hand. And it is not only their wives or girlfriends who get their short shrift. Try telling him to pick up something for his mother and see him get apoplectic.

Just about nothing enters their minds when gifting is concerned, especially gifting the special woman in their lives; clothes, well they don’t know the size, jewellery, they don’t know the right price, bags, heck they don’t even know these things exist and perfume, they don’t have the nose. And no it is not for want of time or over wrought office schedules. They know exactly which sports channel is playing their favourite sport or which movie is to be caught this weekend. No, it is just that they don’t think gifts play an important part in our life. So we are back to those flowers for anniversaries or `why don’t you buy something for yourself darling’!
They miss the point of gifting. It is not the price of the gift that counts so much, but the thought behind it. To remember that an important date is round the corner and think of ways to make that day special, to invest time and energy in preparing for that day shows your value for the relationship. It will have to do with your weighing the importance of that person in your life and reflecting on how rich your life is today due to that special person. It also has to do with just how much you know this person and her likes and dislikes. In short, it has to entirely to do with love, with memories and quiet reflection and only partially with money.
So if you have thoughtfully keyed in your important dates into your cellphone to remind you of that dreaded day, make sure that you set aside some time to think of an appropriate gift that will compliment her and be welcomed by her.
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