Elephants have played a prominent role at wedding and ritualistic processions from times as early as 1500 B.C., the so called Vedic period. They have been carriers of the Kings and the Lords in mythology. Royal weddings in ancient India saw it prestigious for the Prince to come around the province on Elephants on his way to the wedding venue. It was considered a symbol of their power.

Today, though it is not practically convenient to drive elephants in the city roads, elephants have not totally disappeared from wedding customs. They are considered to bring good luck and prosperity to the wedding homes and the newlyweds. That is why many Indian weddings have elephant as their wedding themes. Also, wedding guests feel that it is auspicious to gift the couple with elephants – mind it, not the real ones! Elephant artifacts and frames are highly popular among Indian wedding gifts solely because of their significance of sacredness, wisdom, loyalty, longevity and good fortune – all of which that are wished for a happy marriage.

If you are looking for charming wedding gifts, choose these elephants as they symbolize love and good luck for eternity!