With September coming to a close, it spells ‘Wedding’ all around India. With the marriage season at its peak from late September through January, friends and families rejoice in the most-awaited wedding ceremonies of their dear ones. From arranging wedding clothes & jeweleries to rituals & ceremonies, it’s an undoubtedly engaging and fun-filled time for everybody in the family. Though it could be a little quiet phase for the bride and the groom, it’s actually the kith and kin who relish themselves a time-off for memorable gatherings of joyful processions, tip-toeing music and dance, lavish feasts and a whole new revival of the familial bonding and association.

Not to be missed amongst the celebration is the joy of gifting. It is a time for the guests to delight in the pleasure of gifting as well as for the couples to enjoy a new thrill in receiving loads of wedding gifts. While guests wish to gift something unique and spoken of, most often, factors like time constraint, wide range of choices, budget etc. limit their gifting ideas. So here are a few novel wedding gift ideas that would make a guest special forever.

Home Decors: Though home decors are common wedding gifts, there are several new pieces that get into the market every wedding season. So it’s good to get an idea of the new arrivals before you begin your search. Art pieces, photo frames, vases, wall hangings, clocks and many more make lovable gifts.

Handmade and Artistic Gifts: For an art lover it’s going to be a treasure if a wonderful piece of a painted vase or a decorated terracotta pot is gifted.

Eco-friendly Gifts: Not just they are environment friendly alone, also most are non-perishable. So apart from adding beauty to homes, they remain forever a memory of the occasion.

Offers & Sale: Wedding season always brings in humpty offers and discounts. Though it demands a little time to look out for some, it’s definitely worth the time.

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