What to gift something desi to your loved one this gifting season? Then try gifting exquisite Gemstone Paintings and earns the admiration and praise, with this memorable and stunningly beautiful gift.

Gemstone Paintings has its roots from Rajasthan. As the name suggests, Gemstone Paintings are made from precious (emerald, ruby, sapphire, pearls) or semi-precious gemstones (such as amethyst, garnet).

Do you know how much of hard work and craftsmanship goes into making of this painting? The painting is made with traditional techniques without any use of artificial or synthetic colors. Different gemstones are grounded to bring out different shades and colors. The entire process is handmade. The painting is first outlined and then colored with powdered gemstones.

That gives them a long life, retain their shine, and remain as precious as the gemstones worn. This makes the Gemstone Paintings traditionally rich and unique. The stunning visual effects reflect the creativity and skilled craftsmanship. This stylish and elegant artifact is a fascinating handicraft that deserves a special place in every house!

As the nation celebrates the 64th Birthday of its Constitution, gift this truly traditional gift to your loved, and make them proud of being an Indian!