The Eco-friendly fiber

Jute and handicrafts are quite synonymous. Also known as golden fiber, jute, besides being cheap is well known for being environment friendly. Being one of the popular natural plant fibers, they can be transformed easily for either packaging or as yarns. The fiber is derived from reed like plant, as they are available abundant. After the plant is harvested, and with some process the fiber is knit into threads, which in turn are used for preparation for rags and cloths.

Jute offers a range of home decor products like cushion covers, bags, carpets, footwear, tea cozies, jewelry, etc. For dresses or furnishing materials, fine quality of jute is required. Be it hand printed, dyed or embroidered, any creativity gels well with jute handicrafts. Elegant, bio-degradable, these niche handicrafts are attractive to look, giving an aesthetic appeal. Jute has become the latest fashion statement.