Luffa is usually understood as a scrubbing sponge. Luffa gourd bears a close resemblance to the family of cucumber. The gourd sans its skin, seeds and flesh is used as a bathroom sponge. The gourd, when matures becomes a mass of fiber, that turns as a tough sponge. Once the gourds are matured, the debris is removed and cleaned with a disinfectant. After drying in sunlight, they are given a polish with a soft cloth. Wax is pasted or the loofah is dipped in a solution of shellac and denatured alcohol. This enhances the look of the loofah, which in turn makes it as an exquisite decorative.

Dried luffa also serve as an excellent decorative apart from its use as food or medicine. Luffa also creates beautiful birdhouse. Apart from being an bathroom accessory, they are also processed as potholders, sandals, gloves, doormats. They serve as an excellent stuffing for mattresses and saddles.