Dhokra Art is a traditional artifact handcrafted with brass metal, making it unique. Unlike machine made products, the shapes and symmetries of dhokras are not perfect. These handmade metallurgical art are said to be the oldest form of metal casting made with wax and clay, with finer details. It is then heated, where wax melts leaving the metal structure of the design. Being one of the oldest yet most advanced arts, it is also eco-friendly. Dhokra Art is also called as ‘lost wax procedure’ or ‘Cire Perdue’ in French. The art derives its name from Dhokra Damar tribes who are the traditional metal smiths of West Bengal and Orissa. These artistic tribal are spread across Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and parts of Andhra Pradesh. These traditional, one piece fashioned art gives an aesthetic appeal.