Love – the word brings out colorful emotions, cheerful memories, and infinite happiness and makes the heart flutter. As the season of love approaches near, the market flooded with various options with spoiled choices, making it nearly impossible to drill down the perfect gift for your loved one. Moreover the thoughts and emotions behind that ‘perfect gift’, which has strings of memories attached with it, becomes all the more special.

This Valentine’s Day, before you choose your gifts and express your unconditional love to your loved one, we will help you in choosing the right colors, and the right gifts to gift her.

Red: A symbol of passionate love and classic symbol of love, red is another synonym for anything revolving around love. Gift her bunch of red flowers, red jewelry, red accessories, red home décor items, anything and everything but red!

Pink: An elegant symbol of innocent love, pink is said to be graceful, pretty and delicate, reflecting happiness and youth. A perfect color choice if your love has just blossom this Valentine.

Orange: Warm, desire and passion – orange triggers enthusiasm and are a preferred choice for romantic occasions

Purple: Success, dignity, pride or love at first sight, purple shows your care for loved one

Yellow: Bright as sunshine, yellow symbolizes the joy and cheerful. Gifts of yellow are symbolic of happiness and friendships.

Blue: Peace, serenity and soothing, blue gifts are perfect to chase those blues away.

White: Purity, exotic and elegance – white is a symbol beyond its essence

Green: A symbol of health, fortune and optimism, green makes a luscious gifting choice

Lavender: A symbol of feminine and beauty, lavender are sophisticated colors of grace