Begin one of the oldest inventions, wall clocks have become an important accessory that decors home apart from its cliched importance of showing exact time.

The classical wall piece – a round board of numbers rounded from 1 to 12 in ascending orders with three dials – come to mind as soon you mention ‘wall clock’.  But with trends changing with time, the wall clocks are no more a tool to show time. They have undergone from being a corner piece hung on the wall to a wall decor that enhances the place. Creativity and funky touch to the wall clock are loved for their vibrant and sensational appearance.

Be it traditionally handcrafted or hand-painted art, clocks have become a topic to talk on, especially by the visitors of your home. These fashionable clocks aren’t just trendy but also are designed to sit to any mood or transform any plain wall into an artistic one! have a delightful designer collection of wall clocks that are sure to catch every one’s attention!

The sensational handcrafted work on the wall clock with Warli style in bright red gives an exotic look of the wall. Made in wood and fine paintings of Warli around the numbers of the clock and the corners of the clock will surely make the wall look bright and rustic. Delicate hand craft from the tribal areas of Rajasthan. A must buy for the art lovers….

The ornate clock hands make this a gift that is an example of the artist’s quest for perfection. It is framed in polished rosewood to add to the elegance of the creation. A truly beautiful gift for the discerning giver and receiver.

Give time a different look with this Dhokra work wall clock with tribal figurines in metal work. With this hand painted Worli style wall clock time gets a new definition

The evocative necklace and peacock motifs done lovingly in meenakari style on the watch makes this a grand addition to any home. With such home decor, time stands still, reveling in the beauty of the clock. A gift like no other

A black frame in Dhokra style with self design and lovely hand painted numbers with border of Madhubani tribal motifs. This would be a brilliant wedding gift.

Handsome ship wheel clock is ideal sea-inspired décor. Elaborately crafted with clay florets and tear drops and painted in green and red add as ethnic touch to this clock.Ideal for study, family room or living. The art is intricate Mehendi like work where clay is applied delicately on wood just like Mehendi is applied neatly on hands with all concentration and dedication. A perfect choice for gifting on festive occasion

So when you are running out of time and are wondering what to gift, gift these timeless art of wall clocks to your love done, and let the walls come to life with this art!