Korai grass handicrafts, originated from rural parts of Tamil Nadu, are quite well known for their beautiful and contemporary design and patterns.  Among its products, Korai mats are well known for their cool properties.

Tedious Process:

The traditional weaving method of Korai mat is quite a tedious process. The green grass is cut and sun dried till they turn golden brown, and then boiled in water. They are then processed, resulting in basket weave pattern. Once they are woven, they are polished.

Wide Usage:

Traditionally Korai mats were used for marriage functions with names of bride and groom engraved on it. Apart from Korai mats, the grass is also used to craft shopping bags, table runners, office holders, place mat, wall hangings and pillows. With increasing demand, it is available in interesting colors and design. The traditional colors are now replaced with synthetic dyes.

The silk touch has given a royal sheen to this handicraft.