A festival of joy and enthusiasm, Holi never ceases to delight with its gulaal, bhaang, thandai and irresistible sweets. Exchanging greetings and gifts, Holi spreads cheers and warms every heart with a colorful sight. And on occasion like this – celebrated with lot of zest and fun, gifts strengthen bonds.

Holi gifts are special because they delight your loved ones, apart from showcasing your love and affection. Allure your loved one by giving them fabulous Holi gifts in any part of India. We at matrimonygifts.com are here to give you a gist of popular Holi gifts you can cheer your loved one with:

1. Sweeten the festival of colors with a tasty pack of Sweets and Guijyas. Apart from being one of the most popular Holi gifts, gujiyas are inseparable part of Holi tradition.

2. Pack those powerful nuts and gift it to your loved ones. Dry fruits are a welcome treat in any Indian festival.

3. Spread the festive colors by gifting color packs. Spark a new trend by gifting eco-friendly colors that will be soft on skin. But make sure, like the festive spirit, it is packed with gulaal, pichkaris, water sprays and balloons so that the element of fun remains in tact.

4. What an hamper! Gift those traditional yet trendy gift hampers that includes your color packs, sweet box, water spray guns, idols, etc. We are sure they will never be said no to!

5. Chocolates never go out of fashion. In fact they are many’s passion! Be default they come under popular Holi gifts

6. Apparels makes a perfect Holi gifts. Anything in white and cotton are another popular choice of Holi gifts.

7. If you want to try something different, try gifting home decor like wall hanging,  decoration items, home care kit, etc.

Gifting Ideas never seems to end! What are you planning to gift to your loved one this Holi?

We wish you a Happy and Colorful Holi 2013!