Continuing with International Gift Etiquette - I, here are some norms to be taken care while gifting your acquaintances or friends in other countries which will avoid you landing up in an awkward situation.


Brits love and expect gifts, especially when you return from a holiday. Mostly sweets. While guys like shot glasses, for women basic female accessories are appreciated.


Majority of the population is Hindu – which means no alcohol and strictly vegetarian-ism. Wine being a popular international gift, might not work its charm except on weddings or exceptional parties.

But no matter what you give, it will be graciously accepted even if the host don’t find it useful later on


Avoid flowers – unless you are attending funerals.


Turkey don’t stop eating unless the guests has stopped – after second or third serving – and burp, which they consider it as a sign of  appreciation.

  • Meat makes an integral part of meal
  • Best wedding gift – golden coin for bride
  • Tradition of inviting to house of acquaintances for warm goat’s milk
  • Rifle shot with dance around partners is another wedding norm

Shower your love breaking the barriers of boundaries without hurting cultural sentiments!