How far would you go in expressing your love? – You would have heard this phrase often, but how far would you spend in giving that ‘special gift’ to your loved one? Some thousands, or even lakhs? If you thought spending lakhs was way too much, glue your eyes to this post as we present you some of the world’s expensive gifts, that have been given grandly that they made history, apart from capturing the soul of their loved one.

The specialty of these gifts was the only motive behind these gifts was that they were gifted only out of love, never intending to go into the list the ‘World’s Expensive Gifts’.

We present you the list in two parts:

1. The Kohinoor Diamond

One of the largest diamond ever known, the Kohinoor Diamond was gifted by Maharaja Dhulip Singh to Queen Elizabeth, that weighs 106 carats. Although it is widely considered to be priceless, the value can surpass billion of dollars.

2. Engagement Ring: 

Known for lavish lifestyle, Jay Z gifted this 20-carat ring, centered with 18-carat diamond during his engagement with Beyonce.

Price: $5 Million

3. The Orlov Diamond

One of the world’s most famous diamond – Orlov Diamond weighing 198.62 carats was gifted by Count Orlov to Queen Katherine The Great. In 1798, this precious diamond was valued at 400,000 Russian Rubles. The price would, at present date, will count to – Priceless

4. The Taylor-Burton Diamond

Gifted by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor, this  expensive gift was valued at $1 Million way back in 1978. In present date, it values to $5 Million.

5. Diamond Studded Bag

This diamond studded handbag is one of the most expensive gift in the world – given to Victoria Beckham, by her husband David Beckham – which is worth £80,000

Seems like diamonds rules the roost in World’s Expensive Gifts. Watch this space for other expensive gifts of the world

Image Source: Decoded Stuff, Information Source: Charity Gift hampers