Gifts are not just material things. A lot of emotions and thoughts is what makes a gift perfect, rather priceless. It’s no easy task to give the “perfect gift” to your loved one, and make them feel special. Scratching your head, flipping through various products and brands, comparing the appeal, price tag – a gift is a combination of all these strenuous task and more. Yet, it’s the intention and love behind all this that makes the giver truly special, reflecting the quantum of love they have with the receiver.

We realize all those drops of sweat – both out of exhaustion and nervousness your forehead drips, and the rate at which the heart beats, waiting impatiently to catch a glimpse of the reaction of your loved one. If it is well received, then all the efforts are worth it, if not, the disappointment is heart-wrenching. In order to help you with onus task of avoiding such reaction, we present some gifting tips that might help you in picking right gifts for that special person.

  • Words never fail! A dedicated/exclusive poem has always been considered the best gift.
  • Keep it personalized. Try to make something on your own, say bake a cake or handmade card. Sounds simple, saves a lot of time and energy (unless you spoil the kitchen!) and bring the broadest smile on the face of your loved one
  • Instead of repeated material gift, try gifting a voucher, say spa voucher or some classes – say guitar classes or any other classes. Go together, as it will make the experience memorable, apart from spending a lot of time together that will add more fun.
  • Despite being called as priceless, they come at a price. If you don’t have much to spend yet want to gift best, try buying you gift in deal sites. You have lot of options to choose from, saves time, and looks considerably good too!
  • If you still clueless, and nothing strikes, opt for Gift card. Although it does makes one uncomfortable as it reveals the price, choose this as the option when you are running out of time, and have no option.

Hope it helped!  Let us know if you have more options to add to the list! Happy gifting!