Handmade gifts are very special. First, well, because they are handmade, and second, they reflect the care and love of the giver – taking pains to juggle/scroll over thousand options, pick the best one for you – something that matches your taste and choice, and then after a lot of trial and error, shapes it with their own hands.

Handmade gifts are very easy to make. They hardly need  any special materials. Yet they are the most priceless gifts your loved one will value, cherishing it for lifetime. The myth that surrounds handmade gifts is that they are hard to make and only specialized persons can do. And even if you try, it is time consuming. This week we take the onus of breaking the myth, by presenting DIY craft ideas, that makes or complements with your gifts. These simple, cute, small gifts will make a gift of their own or just be another decorative, that will stand out, due to handmade substance.

And before you concentrate in trying to understand each word written, imagining how the steps would go in your mind, we put you at ease by presenting the steps of DIY craft ideas through photos. So have a look, and you will definitely bounce from your comfortable chair and come out with something truly personal, nice handmade gifts.

A rose is a pretty toast,  to bloom lovable occasion all the more! Do it with a cloth:

DIY Rose

or just roll a paper!

Paper Rose

A quick gift cone that wrap your presents stylishly!

Make the heart flutter like a butterfly:

Throwing away the plastic bottles? Think again.. for they can make the best holder for tea-light! Make the dinner more romantic with this cute and sparkling tea-light holder:

Staying away from onions because it makes you cry? Well, it you carve it below way, it definitely will make your loved one (and you) smile!

Okay, we know you are already heading towards carving something special. Do share your experiences, and let us know the reactions; or if you have some ideas/experiments to add on, post it as comments. We would surely love to hear!