gift wrapping idea

You don’t give a gift everyday. It’s either during some special occasion, or a gesture of expression of your love to closed ones. So you run around the city selecting the best gift that will delight your loved one. After a lot of hard work, research, and in most of cases going beyond your budget, you pick a gift that you feel be liked by your loved one. But there is something you are missing. Right, that’s gift wrapping. A wrapped gift creates an instant impression in the minds of the receiver. Studies say the wider the smile on seeing an attractive packed gift, greater the chances of the likability. Why? Because gifts wrapped highlights your feeling for the person – closer the bond, further you will go in ensuring that the gift is packed not only in best, but also most special way. You will personalize it, putting across themes/colors/patterns the receiver likes.

So you Google and try to find out the attractive yet easy-to-do-by-yourself  gift wrapping ideas. But you don’t find much option that depicts the Indian style. There is hardly a site which suggests gift wrapping ideas the Indian way. Agreed, there are some gift wrapping ideas that looks impressive. But we Indians have a taste for everything, rather a distinct taste. The pom-pom style of gifting will not appeal to Indians. Despite being cute, they would be brushed aside and be reserved only for children’s gifting.

Keeping this is mind, we have  collected some Indian Gift Wrapping Ideas. In this post, we will give you a plethora of Indian Gift Wrapping Ideas that don’t take much time, are customized to our Indian culture/lifestyle, with stuffs that are available in every Indian household. Have a look at them, and see which suits you best.

Got some fancy laces? Why not use it for wrapping your special gift? They add a perfect Indian touch, and are elegant in their own way!


Remember the old brooch that was lying around somewhere? It will come to rescue now! Color your band that complements your brooch, wrap in around the gift box and place the brooch on the front. It is one of the easiest and lovable Indian Gift wrapping ideas!

You can also choose from designer hair clips, and make a creative pattern on your own!

Dig up those old bits and pieces of cloth, bunch them together and in return you will see a beautiful flower. Stick it on the gift box, and it will highlight your love, colorfully!

This speaks everything

Go eco-friendly, and spruce it up a bit!

Gifting chocolates? Or a glass jar of favorite cookies? Add a tinge of creativity by wrapping the neck with a piece of cloth from old bandhani duppatta, or any other designer cloth, wrap a lace, and what you get? Something like this:

Old cartons, magazines, newspaper or any other items can come in handy:

Got nothing except the gift wrapping? Nothing at all? Use the plain white paper, make some rangoli designs, or any design of your choice, cut it out and paste it on the gift wrapper. The plain paper is transformed into a patterned gift paper!