Just a day to go to surprise your dad with gifts of love, and still struggling to drill down what exactly to gift? Worry not, for we are there just in time to help you with some quick tid-bits. A quick information on how Fathers Day is celebrated worldwide, and then we give you some gifting tips for Fathers Day.

In Nepal, this day is celebrated in August or September – depending on the Lunar calendar – and is called as Gokarna Aunsi Day. The day is celebrated famously as Buwaako mukh herne din meaning looking at your father’s face. The respect for deceased father is paid by visiting temples.

In Thailand, it is celebrated as birthday of the ruling King Bhumibol Adulyadej - which falls on December 5 . Traditionally, the fathers or the grandfather were given Canna flower – which is considered to be a masculine flower. Thais wear a pink dress, as the king wore a pink blazer when he was last seen – while going to hospital.

Venezula celebrates Fathers Day on third Sunday that befalls in June. Families go for lunch together, children gift handicrafts to their dad and the market is flooded with special offers and schemes for fathers.

Expressing love to the childhood hero and role model – father – maybe different world wide, but the common concept of ‘love and strong bond’ stays.

Gifting Tips for Fathers Day 

Gift is such a short word, but a mind-boggling one when it comes in context of loved ones, and more complex when it comes to parents, especially dad.

Of course you can always step in or click and send material gifts to your dad. The market is flooded with schemes, offer and what not, which actually are a great helper too, when you just are clueless what to gift the special man in your life! Tie or mobile, tabletop showpiece or electronics, apparels or grooming products, the choice is endless. Suiting to budget and needs, you can choose the best one.

But then nothing beats a personalized one! Try picking a gift, and engrave his name and express your love in words – that stays with him forever. Or just choose from some below suggestions, that are sure to bring a 1000 watt smile on your dad’s face, with chest swelling with pride when he realizes how the little child who used to clutch his fingers tight has grown up to a mature adult who takes small yet lovable steps in making him happy, and expressing how much he still means to you!

1. Take out those black and white (or colored, whatever!) photos where time stands still. Handpick those special moments with your dad, and make a collage. Write a line or two how much you cherish those old times. Not only will your dad will love this, he will cherish this gift for a lifetime!

2. He has always been your guide, mentor, and what not! He sacrificed a lot of interests and hobbies just to give you a company in your interests. How about gifting him your company then? Accompanying him with a class his interest lies in – photography, cooking, anything! Believe it or not, more than acquiring skills on his subject of interest, he would love your company and the fun times spent together!

3. Make a story!Record your dad’s life – in his voice, of your mothers, his siblings, his close buddies, your grandparents’  and everyone who touched/shaped his life. Add in some shots, scribble your attachment, and how much difference he makes in your (and other’s life). Gift the video recording or compile it as a book (you can add some old pictures too!). He will be touched, and a tear might trickle down too, with happiness of course!

4. Planting a tree together can be the best Fathers Day gift for a nature-loving dad!

5. Time for spotlight! Organize a talent show. Let everybody gather and show off their talent – sing, dance, eat and laugh together! The best gift a dad can get

So those were some quick and lovable gifting tips for Fathers Day that are sure to make the day special!

Happy Fathers Day!